Decoding Synology model names

In most cases, Synology model names are decoded as follows

Two-letter prefix

  • DS for Disk Station (desktop NAS),
  • DX for an expansion unit (the expansion unit does not provide NAS features on its own, it requires connection to the DS- NAS for control).
  • RS for a rack-mount industrial NAS

First digit (or two digits, if there are four digits in the model name) identifies the number of disk bays.

Last two digits denote model or manufacturing year.

There may be a suffix like

  • play - for models which support video streaming with hardware transcoding
  • slim - for models using 2.5" (laptop) disks
  • j (junior) - for lower-end performance series

Compatible models

  • DiskStation DS916+
  • DiskStation DS71x, including DS716+II
  • DiskStation DS216+II
  • DiskStation DS1815+, single-unit configuration only
  • DiskStation DS1515, -plus series
  • DiskStation DS11x, DS21x, DS41x, including –play, –slim, and –j variants
  • NVR216

Incompatible models and configurations

  • Any configuration involving iSCSI
  • RS- series (rack-mount) models
  • Configurations using expansion units (DX-something)
  • SHR2, RAID6, or JBOD layouts

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