Synology NAS data recovery workflow

Synology NAS recovery limitations

Home NAS Recovery does not support configurations in which disks were ever replaced with the larger ones. Such an upgrade is possible due to Hybrid RAID (SHR) technology which makes several RAID layouts over the disk set.

In case of expandable Synology units like DiskStation DS1815+, Home NAS Recovery supports only single unit configurations.


1. Remove the disks from your Synology NAS. Some models will require a key to get the disks, with others you will need to remove a front panel to get access to the disks. Once you took the disks out, connect them to a PC.

2. Download Home NAS Recovery, install, and launch it.

3. Select Synology disks and launch NAS recovery by clicking START ANALYSIS. Home NAS Recovery will analyze data stored on the Synology NAS and tell you whether the recovery is possible.

Select NAS disks in Home NAS Recovery software Wait for NAS disk analysis in Home NAS Recovery software

4. Buy a license key to proceed with filesystem recovery. Synology NASes use ext4 or btrfs filesystems and both are supported.

Enter Home NAS Recovery license key

5. Select files and folders you want to copy and click COPY SELECTED FILES.

Copy files from NAS

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